About Jen

Hello! My name is Jen and write this blog from Seattle, WA. I started getting into traveling at the end of 2011. I took my first trip to Switzerland in December and immediately wanted to find a way to start traveling more once I returned home.

I created this blog to inspire you to start traveling more. Many people think they can experience a city or town through television shows, documentaries or movies. However, the moment you see these places with your own eyes, it’s completely different! In this blog, I want to share my experiences and provide any useful tips.

Other fun facts about me:

I love food.

I enjoy trying new restaurants. It could be considered a hobby of mine. I always seek out the best restaurants when traveling & have many favorites in Seattle. People who know me best know that I can easily pass on alcohol so I can save my calories for a sweet treat.

Favorite Treat:

Cake or Cookies

Favorite Cuisine:


I’m a fitness junkie

I exercise daily. Not because I’m obsessed with staying fit, but it keeps me sane and happy. I love weight training, but also love doing metabolic conditioning workouts, running, stairs, jump rope, boxing, etc. Half the reason I love to hike is because it’s doing something that’s active + being outdoors to enjoy the scenery. My favorite hikes are the trails that involve a steep climb (the fitness junkie in me!)

I spent seven years working in the fitness industry. I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, as well as my CSCS and am a certified nutrition coach.

Favorite National Park:

Banff or North Cascades National Park. I love mountains + lakes. My favorite hikes include both. Out of my travel experiences so far, these two places have been the best!

I’m a sports junkie.

I love talking sports with the guys, watching the Seattle Seahawks or Mariners, and participating in many sports like golf, snowboarding/skiing, throwing the football, or beating anyone in a game of Pig. Did I mention I’m competitive?

I’m a big family girl.

Some of my favorite times are spent relaxing with family, phone calls with my mom every day after work, quoting movie lines, beating my dad at cribbage, or just laughing until our stomachs hurt. I can’t imagine life without my wonderful husband and dog Patch (Jack Russell/Poodle mix). They keep me sane and inspires me to be the best version of myself.

Other Favorites

Favorite City in the US

New York City. I try to visit once a year.

Favorite Big City in Europe

Paris. Nobody does pastries like Paris. Give me a raspberry fruit tart, chocolate croissant and cafe creme and I’m one happy girl.

Favorite European Country

Switzerland. I’m biased because I’m 25% Swiss! My grandpa is 100% Swiss and his parents came to the United States as kids. Those mountains, though. Some of my favorite travel memories have been in the Bernese Oberland area.

Favorite Small Towns in Europe

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Bruges, Belgium

Colmar, France