My Favorite Health & Fitness Products

Holiday Gift Guide for Health & Fitness LoversLooking for new ideas to elevate your wellness or shopping for a gift for a health enthusiast? I thought it would be fun to share my favorite health and fitness products on the market today!


The Sling Band: I’ve used several exercise bands throughout the years, but this one is the king of them all. It’s great to pack in your suitcase for travel too. Since it’s thick material, it doesn’t snap like the rubber bands and it adds way more intensity! My favorite exercises: squats, glute bridges, knee-banded hip thrusts, lateral band walks & band hip abduction.

Squat Sponge: The pads at the gym just don’t cut it for hip thrusts. This pad is thick and allows perfect cushion when performing hip thrusts or weighted glute bridges for your body.

Jaybird Wireless Headphones: I own Jaybird headphones, but any wireless headphones is an upgrade from your standard pair, especially if you are doing a strength training workout. I definitely don’t miss my arm band to hold my iPod. They also work great for interval training, running, rowing and more!

Lululemon Align Pants: I’m obsessed with these pants and I own them in 5+ colors. The fabric is great and they are the most comfortable pants I’ve found. They don’t get the best reviews online due to some piling issues, but I haven’t found it to be a problem.

Lululemon Yoga Mat: I’ve owned a few yoga mats in the past, but this one from Lululemon is my favorite. I’ve had mine for years and it still looks brand new.

Fitbit: I received an upgraded band about six months ago and I find it to be much more stylish than the other products. My Fitbit gets me up out of my chair every hour at work, creates that mental awareness of how much I’m moving and gives me a daily goal to hit my steps. I’ve found I still want to get them in, even if it’s late at night.

A Go-to Water Bottle: While I used to love my Starbucks water bottle with a straw, I’ve found I prefer one that doesn’t have a straw. It makes it much easier to travel with and doesn’t accidentally spill. I created a habit to fill my water bottle right when I get up and focus on drinking 4 bottles a day. This link has reviews on the best from 2017.

Fitness Journal – I’ve talked here or here why you should track your strength workouts. While I don’t own this journal, it would fit all my needs!

Look for discounts: Look for discounts at your favorite workout studio. For the holidays, my yoga studio discounted their 10 class punch card by $40. I treated myself early by stocking up on classes.

My Favorite Food/Products:

Balsamic Vinegar: I’ve said this before, but I will never buy cheap balsamic vinegar again. The taste with this one from Williams-Sonoma is by far worth the price, plus it lasts for months since I mainly use it on salads. This can fit in a stocking stuffer or act as a great gift!

John Boos Cutting Board: So, this isn’t food, but it certainly has helped me with all my food prep in the kitchen! This sits on my counter 24/7 and has been so convenient for chopping vegetables.

Fourth & Heart Ghee: I started using this brand a few months ago and love it. I use it to saute zucchini noodles, onion/garlic and cook plantains. Other people use it with everything they cook! It’s a great alternative to those individuals who don’t tolerate dairy products well or are looking for a dairy-free option.

Rx bar: I only eat these in emergency situations or if I’m out hiking. I find they can trigger sugar cravings if I eat them too often, so when I do, it’s a nice treat. It could be a great stocking stuffer too. Since they are made with whole foods, they can be a sticky in texture. I still enjoy them and have found them at most grocery stores.

Fran’s Salted Caramels: The best caramels I have ever eaten and they are right here in Seattle! I always give these as holiday gifts to my family members who love them. They are not cheap, but eating just one is satisfying.


Favorite Books: I’ve written a blog about my top books here. I’ll add a few others below.

Tiny, beautiful things by Cheryl Strayed – This advice column book is easy to pick up and read a few pages at a time, but most of all, it’s so inspiring to read her feedback on every unique story. It’s helped me find the positive in any negative situation.

Annual National Park Pass – This is a great gift for your outdoor lover, especially if some National Parks plan to increase their entry fees in 2018.

Strong Curves – For a new way of training, I bought this book at the end of last year and completed the 3 month program. It’s great. I’ve continued this style of training for the entire year. Be sure to ask for a squat sponge too 🙂

Passport Holder– I love this for traveling. It acts as my wallet when I’m on the road with the credit card sleeves.

Need other health ideas? try gift cards to Whole Foods, other health food stores, favorite restaurant or the spa! Many restaurants give bonuses this time of year with a gift card purchase.